Legal Investigations

Over 20 years of experience in Criminal and Civil Matters


  • Locate, interview and evaluate credibility
  • Research background of victims, percipient witnesses and experts
  • Locate and interview case specific experts
  • Canvas crime and/or arrest, and/or accident scene for additional witnesses
  • Subpoena and prepare witnesses for trial
  • Transport witnesses to and from court
  • Take written or tape recorded statements
  • Prepare declarations for witness signature
  • Act as liaison between attorney and family members, particularly in cases involving Special Circumstances


  • Prepare trial exhibits including maps, enlarged photos, diagrams, overlays, jury instructions, etc.
  • Pick up and review records pursuant to subpoena duces tecum, court order or signed release
  • Prepare case chronology
  • Assist with large case management
  • Prepare reports and personal testimony as requested


  • Measure, photograph, diagram and evaluate crime or arrest scene
  • Review evidence with experts
  • Collect evidence
  • Witness physical line-up
  • Review physical evidence at police department or DA’s office
  • Pickup Discovery


  • Research public and court records including civil and criminal filings, real property, fictitious business statements, unsecured tax rolls, corporations, public filings, and other computer-related databases
  • Research case specific topics such as epilepsy, electro-convulsive shock therapy, types of weapons, vehicles and others Subpoena and pick up records pursuant to subpoena duces tecum, court order or signed release.
  • Review records and organize for use by attorney. Includes medical, employment, school, probation, military, prison, and others.


  • Interview jurors
  • Investigate Jury misconduct
  • Conduct pre-sentence or penalty phase interview of witnesses, family and friends for mitigating or aggravating circumstances
  • Conduct post-trial investigations based on new evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel, factual new evidence, etc.


    • Interviewing percipient witnesses and victims and families
    • Locating and interviewing additional witnesses
    • Interfacing with law enforcement and government investigators
    • Gathering exculpatory evidence
    • Conducting document research
    • Conducting background investigations
    • Preparing reports
    • Preparing court exhibits
    • Conducting jury interviews
    • Service of complicated process
    • Other pre-trial and post-trial work as designated by the attorney

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