Social Media Investigations


As a private investigator,you have to  keep in tune with the ever-changing online social landscape. Trends are constantly changing when it comes to the wealth of information available to private investigators through social media and online sources. With social media at our fingertips, investigators have abundant access to information regarding every detail of people’s lives.  This information can be obtained easily and almost effortlessly.

Social media is often used as a tool for insurance claims investigators to extract evidence while investigating suspicious claims.  The  subject may be bragging on their Facebook page about the deception against the insurance company and posting information and pictures, contradicting their limitations and restrictions. .  After analyzing the victim’s Facebook photos and check-ins, investigators can gather additional evidence, beyond the traditional surveillance methods, which assist in successful investigations.

Social media outlets are commonly and routinely accessed by private investigators during the pre-investigation phase of any investigation.  Before beginning any investigation, it is prudent to review all social media outlets for information on the subject.  Many people post to their social media and investigators are able to obtain information such as a physical description from a photograph, the subject’s schedule and appointments, possible associations, addresses, employment status and the list is endless…..

Social media is a powerful tool, and as a private investigator, it can be used as an excellent source of information on the subject of an investigation.  Don’t ignore the fruitfulness of the internet, as it presents a wealth of information that is, at most times, easily accessible and available. .


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