Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is conducted when there are reasonable grounds of suspicious or fraudulent activity, and when other methods have been utilized but have found to be ineffective. The person requesting the surveillance should weigh and balance the need of the surveillance to the privacy interests of the subject of the Investigations.

Information Requested to Initiate Surveillance:

  • We will require the means for identifying with the subject and the purpose of the surveillance.
  • We will require a description of the target. Photographs are ideal as we can attach them as an exhibit as a means of identifying with the claimant.
  • We will require the address,make model & license plate of the vehicles driven by the claimant or subject.
  • We will require a time frame of the surveillance.

Video Documentation:

  • We will document and videotape the subject’s activities and whereabouts, whenever it is reasonable to do so, with Sony Hard Disk Drive (HDD) video cameras;
  • When we transfer the Hard Disk Drive video onto our computers, we will need to ensure your capability to view the DVD-R in our format. Our video is formatted in MPEG or WMV format, uploaded onto a DVD or file-sharing website and a link is send to you via email immediately following the surveillance.
  • All videos will cite the date and time images were copied onto our HDD video cameras to record the continuity of evidence for court.
  • We will provide a report of the surveillance attaching the videotape as an exhibit.
  • All video will be transferred in its entirety on DVD.
  • We will maintain a copy of the original image/s for a period of seven years and/or until required by law.

What is GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers that we use for investigative surveillance are different from the GPS devices on your dashboard or windshield that makes sure you don’t get lost. These investigative GPS trackers show you exactly where a vehicle, asset, or person is located and will track and document the historical position of that vehicle, asset or person over time. Most GPS Trackers have software that allows Investigators to generate a detailed GPS Tracking Log of the vehicles historical location(s).

GPS tracking law is determined at the State level and each State’s laws are typically different. It’s part of the private investigator’s responsibility to know the law and ensure that the device is being used in compliance with the law. Both the client and the private investigator could be liable if the GPS tracker is not used appropriately.

The installing of a GPS tracker is permissible if you own the vehicle or have joint ownership of it.
We will require the client to show proof of ownership and sign an authorization that grants the Investigator permission to install the tracking device.

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